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There's nothing like getting on Zoom, attending an event live, or listening to an audible presentation and realizing even the organizers are even regretting their speaker choice. 

As your speaker, I function as if your goals and event are my own so that your audience receives the very best information, energy, and value for their time.

As a freelance writer, I tie your business goals with your audiences' needs. It is about your audience getting the information they need while appreciating what they read. 

No matter the medium, life can get messy, uncomfortable, and downright grievous. I get it.

My education, experience, and expertise revolves around growing through the mess because of God's magnificence. Navigating emotions and perceptions of life's messiest struggles or mundane topics while illuminating engaging, life breathing, and value adding aspects in virtual, live, and reader audience exchanges.

Whether you are looking to:

- hire a speaker for a virtual or in person event

- hire a facilitator to run or co-create a workshop,

- hire an emcee for your panel discussion

- recruit a podcast guest for relevant topic

- set a strategy session around creative approaches to your team's needs

- hire a writer to develop some meaningful written pieces  

for your business or publishing outlet

- or simply enjoy the content on the blog or social pages -


I am honored you stopped by.

It is fascinating for me to turn the science of what is happening in our brain and body

into a delivered product of information that benefits an audience.

No matter where readers or listeners find themselves,

I'll be showing up with authenticity, education, applicable tools,

and real talk about growth journeys and earning results. 

I want to see innovative and effective approaches stem from our time together,

while also igniting some joy and gratitude along the way.

In each Crystal Cnvrstns you'll find here,

you'll notice I will encourage growth and healing in some way.

The ultimate goal is that our time leads to

one day hearing about your opportunity to share the joy with others.

Act Justly. 
Love Mercifully.

Walk Humbly.

Micah 6:8

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