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Crystal Cnvrstns, LLC

Crystal McFadden, MA, LPC

is the consultant your ears have been aching to hear from!

Sometimes it's business. Sometimes family, 

Often times, you're not sure where it began...

but you've reached the point where
only a dose of compassion, hard truth,

pinch of optimism, 
partnered with a hefty amount

of strategic encouragement
steady your anxieties,
refocus you toward the mission,
and equip you with realistic tools
to navigate your emotional impulsivity.

As the encourager, strategist, and empathetic

ear, Crystal's wise counsel goes beyond her years 

and has blessed leaders at all levels from ages 17 to 97

with peace, poise, & perspective

to carry on.

Each 90 minute, individual session,

adds a wealth of exponential value

to the weeks ahead

& is kept confidential.


Each 90 minute group session

is open for professionals, faith based groups,

community organizations,

and academic audiences

in need of encouraging, educational
and vulnerable conversations

around real life struggles

and the attainable skills
that can begin being used today.

Crystal delivers a personalized topic angle

for each audience she works with. 

Attendees and event planners will know 
this message was crafted for them.

Audience members and event organizers

often experience a sigh of relief and a sense of hope

as they see that their group has been equipped
with next steps and their ability to keep

going and growing.

There is nothing like walking away from an event
where a speaker or consultant leaves you

feeling seen, heard, and no longer alone.

This is where Crystal Cnvrstns differs from the rest.

Your Audience Will Know You Care

Local | National | Global

In person & Virtual Options

* Professional Growth

* Non profit or fundraising events

* Corporate Trainings / Special Events

* Leader Wellness

* Special Projects

* Small Team Focus

* World & National Conference Breakout Sessions

Versatile & Customized Content

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Crystal delivers the message that will reverberate in your mind
when your feelings are shouting
"it's getting too hard" and you remember
that voice encouraging you to
"own what you've already been equipped with along the way."

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