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There's nothing like getting on Zoom, attending a live event, or listening to any delivered presentation and realizing that you are not the only one underwhelmed.

You may notice in these moments that the organizers are even regretting

their speaker choice. This happens fairly often, and if you are that someone who puts

a lot of time and energy into your own endeavors, 

you do not want to be that person regretting the person you've booked and promoted.


As your speaker, I adopt the role as your partner in the event.

I want it to be great - just like you!

I take the time to familiarize the goals for your intended audience

as well as organization's objectives long term. 

As a partner in the project, I specialize in my role as speaker by taking responsibility to assure 

your listeners are given useful information, appropriate energy, and effective delivery during the allotted time frame. I honor the time your audience has committed

by giving my best performance in order to contribute to your success as an organizer.

As a freelance writer, I tie together your business goals with your audience needs.

I love hearing testimonies of reader satisfaction when they

realize the information needed was delivered in an enjoyable read. 

No matter the medium of delivery, the reality is that your audience is human.

Life can get messy, uncomfortable, and downright grievous. Life can become tedious, mundane, and even challenging at times. I get it. That is why my role is as a partner, helper and elevator of your goals through spoken and written form.

I enjoy bridging the science of what is happening in our brain and body

with the product of information that benefits your audience.

No matter where readers or listeners find themselves,

I'll be showing up with authenticity, education, and applicable tools

in a vulnerable way that emphasizes growth journey mindsets. 

I aim to see innovative and effective approaches stem from our time together

as each unique individual brings their valuable strengths to add to the common cause,

while also igniting some joy and gratitude along the way.

My education, experience, and upbeat perspective will acknowledge the current mess we all find ourselves in at times in relation to the growth opportunities we are striving to take advantage of.  the strengths we've developed along the way, and the outstanding story of God's magnificence woven through it all.  Emotional, cognitive, professional, interpersonal, and spiritual topics will be done in an authentic, personal, engaging, life breathing, professional, and value adding fashion.  

Discussions regarding virtual, live, and reader audience exchanges are welcome..

Whether you are looking to:

- hire a speaker for a virtual or in person event

- hire a facilitator to run or co-create a workshop,

- hire an emcee for your panel discussion

- recruit a podcast guest for relevant topic

- set a strategy session around creative approaches to your team's needs

- hire a writer to develop some meaningful written pieces  

for your business or publishing outlet

- or simply enjoy the content on the blog or social pages -

I am honored you stopped by.

In each Crystal Cnvrstns, you'll notice I will encourage growth and healing

in some way. The ultimate goal is that our time together in either written and spoken

form leads to a place of identifying your strengths and considering

that there will one day be an opportunity to share joy with others.

Act Justly. 
Love Mercifully.

Walk Humbly.

Micah 6:8

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