Effective Delivery is Everything.

Written and Spoken - Authentic and Valuable.

Crystal delivers relevant content,

targeted to your audience

 to support navigating this life

while keeping eternity in mind.

Event planning & execution can be tough.

Hiring a speaker can be risky.

Trusting a counselor is a process..

Finding someone to write words that convey

the passion of your purpose and journey is a relief. 

Because God is faithful to those who He has called, 

I am humbled for the honor and privilege to bring

a dynamic delivery and educational content

with heart, authority and authenticity

to your life and agenda. 

There is nothing like having your audience

significantly underwhelmed by the presenter, writer, or 

consultant you have chosen.  

It is true that not all topics are enjoyable to navigate,

but none of those warrant

a disconnected or ingenuine delivery.  

*The reason many choose to hire someone for  

content delivery is because there is a topic of importance

that needs some extra "oomph,"*

therefore, your hiring choice should be intentional.   Let's talk.


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Short term coaching
from a Licensed Counselor, targeting a specific "stuck" point in life, planning, emotions,

major event, or Christian faith walk.


I need a dynamic and authentic, educated voice to add value to 

the audience I am serving.

Workshop, Conferences, Keynote, Podcast, Emcee, etc.


I need targeted content for one or more
of the following:
social media, magazine, book, biography for an event, resume.



I need a brainstorming session. Generate strategic approaches or ideas to consider pursuing.

Events, Individual, Organizations welcome.

Keyboard and Mouse

Act Justly. 
Love Mercifully.

Walk Humbly.


Micah 6:8