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Crystal McFadden, MA, LPC

is a

dynamic, authentic and strategic

Resiliency Communicator

dedicated to serving exhausted,
burnt-out, servant hearted helping professionals.


Local, national, & global audiences

have experienced re-ignited hope, peace & purpose

related to their personal and workforce

needs for stress navigation, leadership support,

workforce wellness, and a number of

special projects overlapping industries

of all sorts.


Working with Crystal is the value-adding,

adaptable and collaborative partnership

you've been seeking:

- impact making conference speaker

- cohesion generating panel emcee

- outreach efforts consultant

- content strategist & creator

- engaging webinar/virtual presenter

Every opportunity is delivered with

authenticity and tangible skills

targeted for the leaders and teams 

you are on mission with.

A recent partner shared this:
"I'm torn. Could we....( do xyz ourselves ).... sure.
  But let's face it, you're the engaging presence!"

Crystal's engaging and inspiring content 
targets your audience and presents applicable tools 
relevant for continued group and individual benefit.

By identifying an individual's value & promoting
team cohesion and stakeholder collaboration,
industries and groups continue to benefit from their decision
to include Crystal to their special projects teams

or wellness programming efforts.

Crystal has delivered resiliency-minded presentations to 
local, state, national, & world conference stages.

She has served programs serving family, business, ministry,
government, academic & professional audiences.

Many have seen:

- increased productivity
- organizational buy in
- newly motivated group members 

because of the simple & tangible application tools 
consistently identified in her deliveries.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor
passionate about unity and growth across industries, 
project & event planners experience relief
as their teams & leaders are cared for

through feelings of apathy, exhaustion,
and burden that have taken their hearts and minds hostage.

Crystal's approach allows for a collaborative process: 

- Target the need
- Discuss appropriate program options
- follow strategic pathway of your choice


Planners and organizational caretakers
are welcome to walk alongside the process
as life is poured back into their people.

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Special Project
& Leader

Faith based

Special Project &/or Event brainstorming, planning, and speaking/writing

support services. 

Bring integrity, 

accountability & 

confidentiality to

stuck points while being mindful and attentive to bias in these critical change points of life or business.


Hiring a strategic and 

confidential consultant 

could be what you needed to make the game-changing

decisions you've been 

wrestling with.



Wellness & Resiliency Programming

customized for your

group or organization.

Targeting burnout, emotional fatigue, & professionalism.

Equipping teams to

navigate changes, acheive new goals, and engage

the larger mission

through encouraged

diverse and collaborative

thinking patterns.  

Programming options vary in length of partnership, and are

accessible in person & electronic delivery. 

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Stories of resilience that will inspire & equip you

to find hope,

seek growth strategies,

& own the value of the your journey.

Join us for Thursday evenings for new

weekly episodes!

Hear an array of experiences shared from those from

varying backgrounds

and perspectives who

exhibit tangible,


takeaways you can

learn from.

Stress Navigation Tool

designed to support your individual growth experience when everything you've tried has not brought the shifts necessary for lasting change or steps forward from the struggle. 

Own the value of your journey, gain clarity, productivity, and enhanced mood 

in these weekly deliveries of healthy coping strategies and encouraging education. 

Monthly subscription.

Weekly deliveries. 

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