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Crystal Cnvrstns, LLC

Crystal McFadden, MA, LPC

offers authentic, encouraging, and strategic

Resiliency Communications

for your growth-minded search

for sanity and joy in this world.

Own the value of your journey through:

Speaker,  Writer, and Consultation Services


customized for individuals, groups, or special events.

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Every Crystal conversation is an opportunity
to breathe life, encouragement, and education into the lives of others.
How will you share these Crystal Cnvrstns with those
you have been entrusted to serve?

Own the value of your journey.

Every step you have taken, lesson learned, and conversation had

has impacted the way you choose

to see and explore the days ahead.

Coping and stress navigation,

organizational unity or mission minded living

does not have to be

generic, cliché, and surely not a one-size fits all template. 

You can live on mission with eternity in mind

while exploring what growth, healing, and peace

look like on this side of Heaven. 

As a new creation in Christ, professional counselor,

podcast host, speaker and writer -

I have been blessed to learn a ton by

listening to the stories of others.

Delivering wisdom from a marriage of both experience and education

allows professional services paired with vulnerability to create

results that tie together business needs with real life application.

Whether you simply need a strategy session or two,

or are aching for an encouraging, worthwhile speaker to breathe life and knowledge

into your group - there are customizable options for you.

Having spoken and served local, national, and global audiences -

there is no team that was untouched by the message of owning the value of one's journey.

The work you do and steps you've taken do matter,

and with Crystal's help, you'll see applicable tools and education

come to life in your days ahead. 


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