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Crystal Cnvrstns:
Sharing The Joy amidst the mess, 

How you can help.

Not everyone has the ability to say "yes' we'd like to hire a speaker and/or writer, but there are things you can do that can add value to the ways Crystal Cnvrstns impacts your life. 

My prayer is that every conversation (Cnvrstn) we share is one that adds value to your journey & those you want to see grow. 

What to do I do?

In short, I am a resiliency coach. I walk you in written & spoken form from stuck and feeling isolated to movement, momentum, growth and connection. I truly get excited about seeing your lightbulb moments, when stuck becomes movement in a healthy way.

In every Crystal Cnvrstn, my goal is to love God and love others through the roles and work He’s entrusted me with. Many of these Crystal Cnvrstns can often meet you personally, professionally and spiritually right in the middle of the mess.

Each Crystal Cnvrstn brings balanced tone of authenticity, empathy, education, and application. I am humbled that these outlets are the gifts God has given me to serve you, and that He's allowed me to extract the joy & lessons in both life's trials and victories for the benefit of those feeling STUCK.

My counseling, program management, military service and consulting work have all contributed to my ability to share applicable tools in both virtual and in person formats. 

Why me? Honestly, because Jesus.

But in worldly terms -

I have earned my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health

and am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania, USA.

I served after high school in the U.S. Navy

and my husband currently serves in the PA Army National Guard.

I am a member of a thriving and Biblically based church in western PA, 

currently serving as a Community Group Leader,

welcome team member, and support their spiritual care ministry. 

I am a published writer, requested speaker, and someone

groups feel comfortable and confident in my ability to represent and care 

for their brand and people authentically & repeatedly. 

Content strengths that may be of value to you include:

- Resiliency - various areas 

- Creative Thinking - Problem Solving 

- Real Life - Finding Self-Care 

- Authentic Mental Health: Healthy Coping & High Stress 

- Family, Community, & Connection

- Public Speaking With Impact 

- P3 - Professional Poise, Presentation & Productivity

- Military to civilian assimilation

- Relational Networking Integrity

Needs may look different for everyone, they can be personalized based upon different variables.

Some needs may include: 

- Team Needs Motivated

- Major Event Impacted Group

- Broken Expectations  

- Need Healthy Coping Strategies
- Highlight Biblical Foundations in the daily rhythms of life - self care, professional, community and more.

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