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Exclusive monthly message, digital download, and/or fun prizes for those who support the Crystal Cnvrstns Podcast on a monthly basis of $9.99 or more. Appreciation is absolutely warranted when you support the wellbeing of others:

Building a Course or online offers, creating a membership community or need a connected hosting platform? This and more with user friendly templates by Kajabi:

Learn the ins and outs when it comes to finding ethical and logical ways turn your ministry into business.  This resource guide and community have a wealth of knowledge you can use to begin or streamline your efforts on your calling:

Learn to Write like a Pro - Special $59:

The gut and brain have a strong channel of communication. My health journey has shown me one cannot come without the other and intentional absorption is a must for the lovely auto-immune journey I am on.  Want to learn more and explore what is right for you? Here is a brand that changed my life over the past six years:

   --Pro tip - for wellness items in Plexus, buy preferred/subscription to save and cancel or change when you need.

Need a meal prep box at no cost? 
Message me and let me know... I often have promo codes for various services that can be a huge blessing or a fun date night at little to no expense for those needing that extra boost.

Finding a program to use for your direct payments to contractors or team members can be challenging. Gusto has a program that may fit your organizational needs:

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