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Do you love that inspirational and educational content is available on the podcast airwaves? Support this resilience minded podcast for under $10/month.  Your contribution creates an avenue for hope in the lives of others. Support the Crystal Cnvrstns Podcast here:

I love and desperately need to save time, energy, and money. My area is eligible for Walmart + grocery and other item delivery and this subscription has been a game changer. If you are aching for some mom sanity, rewards for a place you already shop, and some travel time for more important errands, here is my referral link for Walmart + (bonus, they were offering Paramount + at no cost when I signed up so you may save on additional benefits with your membership also:

The gut and brain have a strong channel of communication, this includes our level of health, energy throughout the day, ability to serve those people and in roles we love. My health journey has shown me that health and functioning cannot come without the other in tact. This means intentional absorption of nutrients and fuel is a must for the lovely auto-immune journey I am on.  Want to learn more and explore what is right for you? Here is a brand that changed my life over the past six years:

   --Pro tip - for wellness items in Plexus, buy preferred/subscription to save and cancel or change when you need.

I already mentioned the need to save time on delivery of great products, but how about delivery of cleaner and more Earth friendly products for your home?  Grove Co is my jam for cleaning materials, laundry and dishwasher related products, and even various body care items.  Want to try too?  Here's that link:

Finding a program to use for your direct payments to contractors or team members can be challenging. Gusto has a program that may fit your organizational needs:

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