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Crystal McFadden, MA, LPC

offers targeted, authentic and strategic

Resiliency Communications

Own the value of your journey.


Coping does not have to be cliché,

moderately effective, or generic.

You can live life on mission

with eternity in mind

while exploring what growth,

healing, & peace look like

on this side of Heaven.

As a new creation in Christ and professional counselor

by trade, I've learned a lot by listening to others.

* The military taught me the value of "teachability.

* God taught me humility & compassion when personal

trials of various forms have been transformed into

wisdom, grounded in truth as blessings for others.

* Counseling, program management and more 

community engagement roles 

brought me the understanding of both

business, metrics, and life application.

Now I spend my time pouring into you

in both individual and small group settings. 

Choose the option that best fits your need at this time:

Book a Strategy Session NOW
(i.e. Life, business, marriage, faith, special event,

book, podcast, mental barrier or ongoing struggles,

idea generating, strategies for a project or idea.)

Get information on small group coaching HERE

(Learn how you and 4-6 others can use the creativity,

experiences, & a resilience coach to level up

and establish lasting hope in the days ahead) 

Current Hot Topics being requested for workshops,

conferences, congregations, and teams:

- Owning Your Value: Battling Imposter Syndrome

- Healthy Navigation of Chronic Stress:
Pandemic, Diagnosis, Grief, and Transitions

- Cognitive Flexibility: Addressing tensions, rigidity, & internal bias

for client, peer, and loved-one facing conversations.

- The Hole In My Earring: Seek out unity, collaboration,

diversity, connection & hope.

Counseling Sessions in PA for those with

commercial Highmark, UPMC, & TriCare insurances

(or out of pocket):

Is done through Abundant Freedom Counseling.

Please work with their intake team by calling

724.306.6683 to see if scheduling counseling is right for you.

Uplift, encourage, and enhance well-being

for you and your stakeholders

(a'hem growth, productivity, retention)

by targeting personal & professional

growth-minded, mental well-being. 

Doesn't it feel good to hear

strategic, clinical, and business concepts

delivered in simple language & applicable steps?

This is what you will hear in

each Crystal Cnvrstn. (conversation)

When you are at your healthies for today and

 own your niche impact zone -

You serve well!

There is freedom in aligning

with others who compliment your skills. 

Learn to embrace collaboration and connection 

opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

The work you do matters.

The strengths, knowledge, & experiences

you bring from your own journey

contribute to your individual growth

and the collective success of your organization.

Exhausted, burnt-out, over-stretched

servant hearted professionals

will gain increased clarity, 

renewed sense of purpose, re-ignited hope, 

and motivation to embrace what they do best.

Local, national, & global audiences

have been equipped with

tools personally and professionally

in areas such of: 

healthy chronic-stress navigation,

leadership cohesion and communication,

workforce wellness strategy sessions,

special population focus initiatives,

owning the value of your pain points,

and a number of project consulting

in industries of all sorts.

Working with Crystal

makes special projects and brainstorming

engaging and attainable to any budget or group size.

This is the value-adding, adaptable and collaborative

partnership you've been seeking:

- impactful conference speaker

- cohesion enhancing panel emcee

- outreach efforts creativity consultant

- content strategist & creator

- engaging webinar/virtual presenter

Every Crystal Cnvrstn (conversation)

delivers skill application

targeted for the leaders, teams, and

industry you are on mission with.

A recent partner shared this:
"I'm torn. Could we....( do xyz ourselves ).... sure.
  But let's face it, you're the engaging presence!"

When Crystal leaves,

your group and individuals will continue

to reflect and embrace benefits of
your investment in this Crystal Cnvrstn.

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What would working together look like for my group?

Thanks for submitting!

Special Project
& Leader

Faith based

Special Project &/or

Event brainstorming

An extra set of eyes gives you the perspective, great questions, and endurance to discern and evolve.

Grow with integrity, 

accountability through your

personal & professional stuck points.


Hiring a strategic and 

confidential consultant could serve the game-changing

decisions you've been 

wrestling with.


I need

Wellness, Resiliency, Professional & Personal

Development for

teams, groups, and 


Equipping individuals to

navigate changes, acheive new goals, and engage

the larger mission with 

strategic personal wellness,

cognitive flexibility, diverse, and collaborative thinking.

Programming options vary in length of partnership, and are

accessible in person & electronic delivery. 

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Stories of resilience that will inspire & equip you

to find hope,

seek growth strategies,

& own the value of the your journey.

Join every Thursday for new episodes!

Hear an array of experiences and wisdom from varying backgrounds

and perspectives. Gain insights from those whose experience offers tangible,


takeaways to

adapt into your personal journey.

Good content can 

- engage audience

- deliver valuable business insights

- create pipelines for 

new or recurring sales

- keep you top of mind when need arises 

If you are like me, one more salesy piece of content might make you scream. I provide relatable, reader or listener friendly pieces in conversational business styles that support your goals alongside listener receptivity.

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