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All The Feels - The Mess & Ministry

Let's be real for a minute. Many of us, in a place mixed with ungratefulness, discontentment, naivete and goal getting rockstar-hood, have all asked at one time or another for a ton of great "xyz" [insert your own passionate goals and life callings here]. Upon receipt of this granted request, in a place more than we were use to having, we reach a place of - whoa! What's going on?! Then we feel a bit overwhelmed, am I right? As I prepare for two conferences and a team event this week, with a workshop and webinar next week - I am giving thanks for the "whoa" moments. I am seeing the work put in during years prior that is contributing to my ability to see, step, and navigate these days ahead. This is not always the case, but because I have been hanging with Jesus in the wilderness for a few weeks now, I'm restructuring my sights to align with a heavier eternal perspective rather than Earthly draw.

This "whoa" feeling is not uncommon though. It is why most folks who win the lottery go broke within a few short years, they hadn't done the ground work of financial literacy and established a healthy relationship with money in order to take that kind of influx without a backlash. They hadn't taken the time to restructure their lens as one who manages money successfully in order to do so when the time came. There was no expectation of something "beyond" where they always were. I have watched this more than enough times with various goal getters who haven't taken the time to study, watch, and prepare for the upcoming flood of business, success, or attention. There were gaps in the journey from then and now. Considering these perspective shifts has been fascinating as well as kept my FOMO (fear of missing out) at bay. It reminds me to my discontentment and the lies of comparison at the door and truly immerse myself in a posture of giving thanks for my journey and pace.

If it weren't for the battlefields of the mind and heart, body and soul - I couldn't speak to my fellow warriors for in this world. If it weren't for the rebellion and the transformation, I couldn't speak to the lost needing found. If it weren't for my wrestling with stubbornness and pride, I couldn't hang with the thickest of skins and most daunting of egos. If it weren't for the chaos, the wreckage, and the debris clouds that have filled my lungs in the past I don't believe I would have the courage to speak to those ready to rebuild.

I know this world is not our home, but we are here and purposed for a journey far beyond the walls of this world. I know this life does not reflect the beauty and goodness God intended it to be when He breathed man into existence, but it doesn't mean there is not beauty and goodness here that points back to Him. I know that even though the struggle is quite real, that there is purpose and fire glistening in the sweat and tears pouring from your journey.

There is purpose in the wilderness and I am excited to be sharing some perspective on what Jesus' journey through the wilderness shows us about our own journey through the struggle, temptations, and call on our lives here on Earth during the Clear Vision Conference. Each minute as believers has value for the kingdom, how are you navigating your seasons in the wilderness? I would love to have you join me as I share more this weekend. Email me for the friends and family code to receive a discount code toward your registration. Register here:

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