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GROWth Groups GROW.

If you are going to plant a seed that will grow, dropping in a space not bearing lush and flourishing plant life doesn't seem like a good place to begin. Healthy soil is desirable, the appropriate sunlight is needed not to burn or be in need, and even a place for natural rain water within reason is worth considering. Why don't we do the same for our own dream seeds that stir in our head and heart?

We know God instructs community (His church), and we don't typically ask Him if we've planted ourselves at the appropriate place He's called us to grow that season.

We know God instructs proper food (His word) and yet seeking out a schedule, place, and time that we are fed seems like "a bit much" for our busy days and demanding roles.

We know He is the living water in which we will not thirst, and yet we often choose to pursue the things of this world and thirst for more and more, wondering why this ever burdening thirst is not quenched?

Not only are we distracted by the planters others have been growing in (albeit temporary), we quickly forget the firm foundation and healthy soil He's already provided for us. A space that breeds growth from the Creator of life Himself.

All that said to express my gratitude for those who put in the extra hours, time, and brain power to make Speak Up Growth Groups an option. So many women seek to use their gifts according to His call and it has a ripple effect down into the tributaries of the body all over the world. God is doing so much in and through His church that we must be mindful where we choose to grow and whom we choose to be growing alongside.

Where has God called you in this season? Who is fitted to compliment your blind spots and urge you to seek Him, pursue giving Him all the glory, and shine brighter as one? I am not sure where you have been growing, but I pray it's been intentional, grounded in Truth, and Spirit led. May God get all the glory for the connections and victories, lessons and light in your life today.

Thanks #SpeakUpConference for all you do!

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