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Hunkering Down after Unexpected Stressors:

As we approach one year since our world was turned upside down and began a period of ongoing stress, questions, fear and pressure - many of us know what it is like to feel like things are coming at us. When we experience a major shift it can impact our physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well being. Often times, no matter the magnitude of the event , we tend to respond in a protective fashion as well as shift into "life past that moment."

So how do we give ourselves grace in the midst of guilt, regret, and the unknown when we naturally establish protective measures in a season of stress? You know, you've probably had one or more of these reactions in recent months:

- hands up

- saying "I can't take it anymore"

- dialing down our schedule and responsibilities

- feeling exasperated so much you can barely utter a prayer.

All of these things are ways we try to protect ourselves and recover, in order to allocate the necessary energy we need to apply to the area in hurts in our life. These can be physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. I want to encourage you that THIS IS OKAY for a time. We only have so many resources at any given moment. Our time, energy, money, friends, food, physical ability, humility level, access to travel, knowledge of resources, neighbors, church, etc are all resources accessible to us. However, we need to choose to be wise stewards and use these resources for healing, learning, and continued life.

So in the time from impact of pain point to our shift into action, there is a small and quiet pause. I pray that you pay attention to the pause. Give recognition to what has happened, and give yourself some time and grace for the journey ahead. It won't be easy, but it can be navigated and you have been equipped to learn and grow through it. But it is a choice. You are not alone, you were not meant to go it alone. God loves you so much, rest in His unchanging mercies as you seek Him to find the peace within the darkness and heavy load.

Note: I recently shared some of this concept on my Instagram page and wanted to make sure if audio impact works better for you, that you had the link as well. So please enjoy!

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