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Why Flowers?

If you're like me, you encounter brands and try to figure out how legit they are. What does it mean when they use the catch phrases they do and how good are they really at their proclaimed craft. Where is their heart and are they worth investing my resources? I think I have been "over" marketing and advertising for awhile now because there isn't a place I turn that does not have some ulterior motive. What is it they want from me, and does it align with who I am, where I'm going, and my own needs?

Fair questions, right?

So if you've noticed, I have captured some amazing shots of flowers over the years and I use them to convey various messages throughout my site. I appreciate flowers because despite their clear weakness in structure, they exhibit a level of beauty, strength, resiliency, and intentional design beyond their own capabilities. They truly depend on aspects of our Creator's Love in a way that is both captivating to the senses and giving of new life.

Flowers are dependent on nature to nourish their delicate form. They are dependent on sunlight, water, and soil quality. They are impacted by the seasons and change form accordingly. The shade, sunlight, and proximity to other things such as weeds all depends on the environment in which they have sprouted. Regardless of lifespan or environmental harshness, each seed turns into a unique work of art. It evolves from a home of darkness into an masterpiece of intricate details. This breathtaking oddity not only creates beauty as it's own stand alone plant, but has become a creation which is pollinated through interaction other sources in order to bring growth and beauty into new spaces.

Our journey and purpose on this Earth is similar to these flowers, we are each uniquely made - weak in our own right. But by God's grace and design, our beauty and scent can bring sweetness to the lives of others. By sharing those intricately designed, purposeful details with others, we can stir up growth and love into new areas. In other words, when we use our gifts wisely, no matter the undesirable terrain in which we've sprouted, we can bring life and beauty to places that were once untouched or seemingly insignificant.

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