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Wisdom comes with community.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I find myself encouraged this year. Despite all the changes and adjustments we have all made, I am encouraged by the soil I have prepared in seasons prior that contribute to my resources as well as the awareness within my heart that not all humans work from the same intentions, values, and boundaries. Meaning that, no matter where we are and what we are "trying" to do from the goodness or evil of our own heart - the only thing we have in control of is ourselves.

Over the years I have learned that I function better with folks who seek knowledge, behave with integrity, minimize negativity, and encourage others throughout their days. I have set goals that serve a God and eternal purpose much further than I could ever develop on my own. And my choices in conduct, more often than not, tie into my core goals of loving God and loving others for His glory.

We have the power to prepare the soil of our life. In doing these things, it gives us increased resiliency to weather the storms as well the hot sun from season to season. We can prepare our own soil when we take inventory and decide intentionally in these areas:

The knowledge of ourselves.

The goals and driving motives for ourselves.

The way we conduct ourselves in relationship to others.

No matter the sun or the storm, which are external factors, we will all default to our own norms just as everyone else will do. We will default to the knowledge, goals, motives and choice of conduct we always do unless we are aware and motivated to conduct ourselves differently. I say this because when those who truly desire to serve, help, uplift, and encourage others begin to mature in their journey, they realize the load is lighter when travelled together.

I have had a blast listening to the guests that Lissa Figgins has chosen to be on her Firmly Planted Wellness LIVE segments as I prepare for my own upcoming segment. They are time efficient pieces, packed with value from a variety of women who understand the power in sharing knowledge and working together. Lissa has her own business, but she has chosen to share her desire to learn and heart for wellness with her own audience by sharing her platform with passionate entrepreneurs and experts who will also serve her audience. Together is better when everyone contributes their strengths and adds value to the receiver(s).

There use to be a popular saying, it takes a village to raise a child, and today I think we have gotten ourselves so tangled in the lies that a competitive approach is better than collaboration. By defending individual efforts in a competitive mindset, many miss out on chances like to bring knowledge forth for the greater good of those who hear. It has only been recently, potentially the last year or so, I have seen a stronger push by leaders to get back to our roots of community and collaboration in both work and personal spaces. We are a broken humanity in dire need of connection and appreciation of our unique paths. Concepts of generosity, givers gain, open hands, and locking arms is becoming necessary, because the powers at be know that if we are isolated, separated, and disconnected - there is weakness, limited choices, and a dampened or eliminated sense of hope.

I am thankful to be a part of Lissa's guests this month because I truly believe that we all have value to add to one another. We can all offer applicable and attainable options to make one healthier step for today that we can continue tomorrow. Our stories, our journey matters! We all have the opportunity to develop the ability to intelligently, strategically, pour in the lives of others with the wisdom we have gained along the way.

Thanks for reading and I hope you listen for the offers at the end of the piece!

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