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About me... 

Including this summary of some of my current "hats:"

Speaker | Writer | Licensed Professional Counselor

Military Veteran | Military Spouse | Wife | Momma 

 New Creation | Ambassador of Christ 

Resiliency Fanatic | Creative Encourager | Connector of People

Why I matter to YOU.

It is significant when a speaker, writer, or counselor chooses to understand

your goals and use their skills to support your desired outcomes

for your event, meeting, organization or personal goals....

Stakeholders, employees, peers, family members 

and leaders will reap the benefits

From the moment of our first consult and beyond

you and your team, as well as your audience, 

should feel heard, tended to, and receive knowledge that

adds value to their lives.


As a professional intrapreneur

I have represented nearly 100 brands.

In these roles, I excel at pouring into

the lives of others and building awareness

of the organization, event, or services

I have had the pleasure of working with.

Since I was in middle school, writing has

always been a consistent piece of my life.

Doodles to essay contests, magazine articles and book chapters,

now resumes, social media and biographies -

all of it matters. 

I love seeing words that bring a reader in

and adds value to their experience all while

accomplishing a greater personal or business agenda.

It is life breathing to me to navigate the multiple

perspective puzzle pieces and connect them just right.

As far as speaking, there were surely hints of the seeds being planted.

However, the true professional pursuit began when I woke up one day

while still serving in the United States Navy.

Over fifteen years ago, I still remember waking up and saying - almost in 

a shouting tone: "I'm going to be a professional speaker!"

At the time, I had no idea what that even meant or if I would like it.

It was so clear in my mind that every part of me began

to learn and pursue that goal.  The fire and honor to do so has not died yet. 

Of course, many journeys have taken place, wisdom enriched,

vision sharpened, and skills polished through in this nearly two decade

endeavor - it only blesses those I have been entrusted to speak with.

As a counselor, there is not a day that goes by

that I do not want to add value to someone's life,

encourage a journey, or save someone some agony

with the wisdom I've gained through

my own mountains climbed and valleys navigated.

God has loved me when I didn't deserve it,

nor could earn His love with any act of good.

And miraculously, He has called and allowed me to

go shine His light with love to others... 

wherever they are in the journey.

So that's why I am here - to live for and love God,

by showing His love to others with the gifts He's given me. 

So here I am - speaking, writing, and counseling 

to those He has entrusted me. Each human is valuable

and worth seeing His love in motion in their life somehow.

YOU are valuable. Loved. And have purpose.

I hope you see His Love for you in our time working together.

We may feel a mess, but it always points to His magnificence.

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